Professional Care

In close collaboration with our clients, pharmaceutical, biotech companies and medical device manufacturers, we provide smart and efficient solutions for all medical professionals, clinicians, nurses, surgeons, practitioners. 

Intuity® devices enable safe and effective, fully-automated preparation of complex drugs, within a closed, sterile system.

Intuity® smart device technology ensures that comprehensive parameters and information for each dose prepared can be monitored and recorded, with the information being held both within each Intuity device and also transmitted to suitable data storage facilities to provide full traceability for each procedure. With automated, operator-independent processing which offers significant savings in time and minimises the need for operator intervention, trained staff are free to perform other valuable functions whilst medications are being prepared. 

Benefits for healthcare providers: 

  • • Secure critical pre-surgical and hospital preparations
  • • Reduce biocontamination with no needle handling
  • • Optimize drug loss
  • • Save time
  • • Expand complex procedures in practitioners offices

Our patented technology platform Intuity®, dedicated to professionals, ensures accurate dosage of SC, IM, intratumoral and intra-operative injections, precise injection site through one-handed simple devices and wireless command for optimized efficiency of drugs.

Please contact EVEON to discuss your needs and explore how our Intuity® Professional Care solutions can be of assistance.