New platform Intuity® Mix to facilitate the preparation of innovative therapeutics

EVEON has developed an additional version of Intuity® Mix, its platform dedicated to the automatic preparation of innovative therapeutics

Recent innovation in pharma usually comes with complex formulations such as gels, highly viscous, suspensions or emulsions. They are challenging for practitioners, especially for preparation, which can be complicated and time consuming. EVEON has worked on the design and development of Intuity® Mix S, based on its proprietary platform Intuity®, to improve and facilitate the preparation of this new generation of treatment for practitioners. This new device extends EVEON existing platform of mixing automatic systems like Intuity® Mix P, a solution for automatic lyo reconstitution.

EVEON offers a flexible and simple solution: Intuity® Mix S. It is a fully automated device technology for a quick and standardized preparation of drugs, using syringe or cartridge as primary containers. The major benefits are user safety, ease of use, standardization of process, and time saving.

Intuity® Mix S address an unmet need to prepare easily and quickly complex formulations of innovative therapeutics. The automation of the mixing process allows to avoid user errors that can impact patient safety. Facilitating the preparation is a winning game for pharmaceutical companies since manual preparation of complex and expensive drugs can lead to less user adherence and loss of market share” said Gladys Corrons-Bouis, Business Developer Director at EVEON. “With this new development, EVEON is pursuing its commitment to improve the preparation and delivery of advanced therapeutic treatments”.

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