Intuity® Mix Platform

Intuity® Mix is a fully aytomated smart device technology platfrom which is specifically designed to address the challenges associated with the prepaparation of complex drugs, such as:

  • • lyophilised and powdered formulations,
  • • liquid-liquid mixes,
  • • highly viscous materials,
  • • multi-component preparations,
  • • suspensions of micro and nanoparticlulates,
  • • emulsions,
  • • cell therapy preparations.

Intuity® Mix devices are available as either standardised, modular, off-the-shelf products or as customised solutions for specific applications – and all are configured to be compatible with existing or preferred primary containers and final administration containers – including syringes, vials, cartridges, bags and bottles. Intuity® Mix can prepare standardised doses or can calculate and prepare patient-specific (e.g. based on body weight) doses from microlitres to hundreds of millilitres – with a very high degree of accuracy.

Our custom-made solutions are built around the pharmaceutical industry own primary containers, vial, cartridge, and syringe from microliters to hundreds milliliters with unique benefits:

  • Intuitiveness: Minimum component handling and minimum training
  • Safety: no needle handling during preparation, data tracking
  • Time saving for the medical professional and/or the patient : -65% time
  • Operator independence: to insure perfect homogeneity and dosage repeatability
  • Maximized Return-On-Investment with 18% overfill savings
  • Improve patient confort by allowing homecare treatment instead of hospital care
  • • Better compliance: e-device with data tracking, notification.

Intuity® Mix received the Pharmapack Europe Award 2016, with the special distinction "Convenience and Easy of use" (read more).

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