EVEON celebrates its 10th anniversary

EVEON celebrated its 10th anniversary and is ranked by Forbes as the 3rd most inventive French company in the medical technologies category.

In the presence of Genevieve Fioraso, former Minister of Higher Education and Research, Patrick Bourdet, founder and former CEO of Orano Med and the participation of Marc Penaud, General Manager of Toulouse University Hospital, EVEON gathered recently all its partners to celebrate a decade of growth and innovation at the service of practitioners, caregivers and patients.  

EVEON, which originated in Grenoble’s INP engineering school and CEA-Leti, designs, develops and manufactures smart medical devices for the automation of the preparation and delivery of therapeutic treatments. With teams specialized in microfluidics, mechanics, electronics, optics, software, plastics processing, the company offers to its customers and partners a strong technological and scientific synergy.

Its expertise has just been recognized again this month by Forbes magazine (French article of October 7, 2019) which ranks EVEON as the 3rd most inventive French company in the medical technologies category.

EVEON aims to become a key player in automatic, secure and connected medical devices for preparation and delivery of drugs. Improving patients' quality of life, increasing treatment compliance, facilitating the marketing and adherence of complex treatments, reducing the loss of active substances, allowing data recording and transmission, are at the heart of its challenges to respond to a strong trend for personalized medicine and the development of targeted treatments.

Increasing numbers of therapeutic drugs are being developed as biological medicines in lyophilised form, to be reconstituted immediately before injection. Thanks to its unique technological platform, Intuity®, EVEON facilitates the handling, preparation (lyo, dilution, liquid-liquid, etc.) and administration (injection, spray, nebulisation, placing drops,...) of drugs as close as possible to the patient.

EVEON is involved in the entire development cycle of devices, working on drugs still in clinical trials or already on the market, from the design stage, systems engineering, software and wireless communication development, qualification and assembly, through to market launch and regulatory authorisation.

These solutions meet the particular specifications of its customers, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospital centers and medical device manufacturers, seeking innovative, intuitive and connected devices in line with the needs of patients and practitioners.

EVEON announced last spring the delivery of the first functional prototypes based on its Intuity® Ject device. Developed in partnership with a pharmaceutical laboratory, Intuity® Ject offers a unique alternative for the preparation and simple, precise injection of lyophilised biological drugs from a bottle or cartridge. The devices designed by EVEON can be adapted to all standard pharmaceutical industry containers and in particular allow the self-administration of a drug contained in a vial. It is important to point out that these two key devices, Intuity® Mix for the automatic preparation of drugs, and Intuity® Ject, the injection device, have each won prizes at Pharmapack event, awarded by a jury of pharmaceutical laboratories, in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Based on its technological platform, EVEON also develops automatons that can be used by hospitals specialized in nuclear medicine, such as the advanced platform used by the Nancy University Hospital to set up a new radiopharmaceutical treatment unit. EVEON has several projects involving the handling of radioisotopes.

EVEON is also expected, as in 2018, to record a growth of more than 50% in its turnover in 2019.

With a number of co-development and exclusive medical device manufacturing agreements, EVEON will be entering an industrialization phase in 2020. A fundraising campaign is under way to enable it to strengthen its developments and acquire the necessary resources.


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