Intuity® Ject Platform

Intuity® Ject is an all-in-one platform, with smart technology, which provides automated preparation and delivery of complex drugs such as:

• Lyophilised and powdered formulations
• Liquid-liquid mixing
• Highly viscous materials, including pegylated molecules and concentrated biologics
• Suspensions of micro and nanoparticles
• Emulsions.

Intuity Ject

Intuity® Ject is is designed to accommodate industry-standard primary containers, including vials, cartridges and syringes – and offers a number of advantages for delivery of injectable drugs, including:

Thin needle to minimize pain
Accurate dosage and controlled injection of viscous drug, up to 100 cps
Controlled flow rate from infusion to bolus injection
Zero force activation
• Time saving for the medical professional and/or the patient: i.e.from 12 steps for preparation to only 4
• Better compliance: e-device with data tracking, notification.

Intuity® Ject received the Pharmapack Europe Award 2017, with the special distinction "Ease of use & Patient Compliance" (read more).

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