STMicroelectronics collaborates with EVEON

STMicroelectronics Grenoble and EVEON have signed a partnership agreement aimed at supplying components to be used in new generation medical devices developed by EVEON that will respond to the growing demand for injectable biological treatments.

STMicroelectronics Grenoble is a world leader whose customers cover the full range of electronic applications.

EVEON offers innovative medical devices for the automated and safe preparation and administration of new fluidic therapies and biologic drugs. Using its unique technological platform Intuity®, the preparation of biologics, often unstable, is facilitated by allowing the reconstitution of a drug between a powder vial and a solvent in a way that guarantees the homogeneity of the solution without handling or direct contact with the product. The liquid preparation is then administered with a ready-to-use syringe, vial/cartridge or auto-injector.
The electronics of the technological platform Intuity® is mainly based on ST components, including in particular:

  • • advanced ultra-low-power microcontrollers that control the process reconstitution of the drug based on parameters identified by the practitioner, thanks to the computing power of the STM32F4 series based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4;
  • • a L6482 motor control to drive mixing of the fluid;
  • • a fully-integrated low-power wireless Bluetooth communication module SPBTLE_RF to transmit data and ensure the patient and treatment are monitored.

By reducing the number of components and steps for the patient, the drug can be injected by the healthcare professionals in medical or hospital environments, or even at home by the patient himself. This dual approach has a number of benefits, including the opportunity for the patient to remain at home for better patient follow-up and compliance.

Today, the drug market is experiencing strong growth in the field of biologics that require preparation prior to administration.

"EVEON is working closely with pharmaceutical laboratories on the medium and long-term development stages. To go along with our significant growth, we wanted to establish a partnership with ST as a supplier of electronic components to help us meet the market demand for medical devices. It is essential for us to work closely with a reliable partner with its own production facility, located close to us and who can guarantee quality products for the long-term." said Vincent Tempelaere, CEO, EVEON.

"The contribution by ST to the Intuity® platform shows the diversity of the solutions brought by ST for the new generation electronic devices that can improve the quality of medical assistance offered to both patients and healthcare professionals. This partnership highlights the ability of ST to become a global supplier of electronic systems for key applications in the medical sector, in particular for equipment available at the point of care." said Patrick Dureault, President and Director of the STMicroelectronics Grenoble’s site.