New connected Intuity® Mix prototype for the automatic preparation of lyophilised drugs

EVEON announces the release of its new prototype, which reconstitutes lyophilised drugs in just two steps, with no handling or contact with the product.

This new prototype, ease of use, with a touch screen, marks a furtherstep in the development of EVEON. Therefore, it offers a unique and entirely automated alternative to reconstitute and homogenise medicines in a perfectly reliable and repeatable manner. Adapted to the standard primary containers of the pharmaceutical industry: vials, syringes and cartridges, Intuity® Mix prepares automatically a medicine and fill a syringe with the desired dose. It offers the possibility to accurately adjust the dose of the complex drugs (between 0.9 mL and 3.0 mL), to be prepared before administration. It also provides several recipes in order to optimise the reconstitution of a medicine. It can also be easily adapted to prepare an infusion bag. This innovative medical device, with a connected function, records preparation data, date and time in real time and is also equipped with RFID technology. 

Lyophilised medicines now represent 24%(1) of the world market of injectable medicines and 70%(2) of biological medicines. Their manual reconstitution requires several complex handling operations (numerous components need to be handled, which leads to errors, risks of bacterial contamination and product loss) and additional time for reconstitution. These difficulties are a barrier to the marketing of lyophilised medicines. With this new prototype, EVEON offers a simple and effective alternative to improve patient compliance and accelerate the marketing of these medicines. It enable the first tests during clinical phases and the validation of the technical feasibility with its clients’ medicines.

Moreover, EVEON announced that it recently delivered a multi-vial version to one of its partners for homecare treatment. This version enables the reconstitution and the injection of several kits (a kit is made up of a powder vial and a solvent vial) of medicines that have been packaged in several vials with different sizes and doses thus reducing the number of manual steps by three. 

“The maturity of our technological platform now makes it possible to provide our customers with the necessary prototypes for their evaluation in just a few months. In this way, EVEON has been able to strengthen its offering to provide innovative solutions that simplifies the preparation and administration of biological or complex drugs. Compatible with vials (glass bottles), they enable selfadministration of biological drugs.” said Vincent TEMPELAERE, CEO of EVEON.

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