Intuity® homecare devices are designed to be used in a non-clinical setting by patients, family members and other carers. With Intuity®, a patient can prepare and/or deliver treatments safely and efficiently at home while staying connected with appropriate healthcare professionals.

All our solutions are connected, simple and intuitive with major benefits for the patient:

  • • Maintain patient at home and help transfer from hospital to home
  • • Improve patient's compliance
  • • Insure reliability and ease of use.

And also benefits for the pharmaceutical industries:

  • • Accelerate time to market
  • • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • • Propose innovative solutions for product life cycle management.

Please contact EVEON to discuss your needs and explore how our Intuity® Homecare solutions can be of assistance.


EVEON transforms the patient experience. We offer technological, digital and user innovation products and services to improve the handling, preparation (lyo, dilution, liquid-liquid,...) and administration (injection, infusion, spraying, nebulization,...) of specific drugs. Our native digital platform enables tracking and connected features beyond the core disposable fluidic features. We develop and manufacture custom product for pharmaceutical, biotech companies and medical device manufacturers from prototype to production under ISO-13485 standards.